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1. Why does my garbage disposal smell bad?

Every time food is ground up in your disposal a small amount remains in the disposal. The warm, wet, dark environment of the disposal breeds mold and bacteria. As it grows, it gives off a foul odor.

2. Why does Spring Again work?

Spring Again uses a combination of fast acting, aggressive detergents and blends them with 0.5% bleach. The detergents are designed to clean away all of the stuff that builds up in your disposal. Spring Again uses powerful detergents to clean extremely fast, without any scrubbing. Bleach is added to the formula because it is a very powerful disinfectant.

3. Why can’t I just use dish detergent?

Dish detergent is very mild because it needs to be gentle on your hands. Since it is mild, you need to physically scrub (rub) the dishes. You will get suds in your disposal, but very little cleaning action without actually scrubbing the inside of the disposal. It also doesn’t have an aggressive disinfectant. Spring Again’s patented combination of fast acting detergents and powerful bleach quickly scrub away the unhealthy build up in your disposal.

4. How often should I use Spring Again?

Once a week.

5. How do I use Spring Again?

Spring Again is very easy to use. Shake your bottle of Spring Again well. Turn the water on high and activate your disposal. Slowly pour one ounce (2 capfuls) of Spring Again into the water stream. Turn off the water, wait 5 seconds and turn off the disposal. You will have a cleaner, fresher and healthier kitchen sink in 10 seconds.

6. What else does Spring Again clean?

Spring Again is uniquely designed to clean your disposal, although it could clean other things, one must remember that it has aggressive detergents and bleach – so use good judgment.

7. Will Spring Again hurt my pipes?

Spring Again will not hurt your pipes, but will clean away some of the gunk that builds up in them.

8. Can I use Spring Again if I have a septic tank?

Yes, Spring Again is safe for septic tanks. Large quantities of bleach can change the bacterial action in a septic tank. Spring Again only contains 0.5% bleach, well under the amount to affect septic tank bacterial action.

9. I have a new garbage disposal; do I need to clean it?

Once you grind up food in your disposal the first time, the grunge starts to build up. It is best to start cleaning it and never let the mold and bacteria start to grow in your kitchen.

10. What do I do if I get Spring Again on my skin?

Just rinse it off with water.

11. Product bubbled out of my sink or my attached sink, is that ok?

Yes, that is very normal. It just is cleaning out the pipes between the two sinks.

12. I noticed that when I use my disposal, water tends to shoot back up throught the opening. Any consequences?

The combination of a descending stream of water and the powerful action of a disposal’s blades creates quite a bit of turbulence in the chamber. This permits water and, to some degree, the contents of the chamber in aerosol or droplet form to re-enter the sink and surrounding counter space.

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